Applying Vertical Experience

The Way to a Successful Mobile App

Enrichwebsolutions helps businesses establish mobile access to functionality and data provided by their back-end software. We deliver native mobile applications seamlessly connected to an online service, corporate business application or informational online resource. Our mobile experience allows completing the objectives in a range of domains working with various data / content types and their combinations:
Business data
Media content
Financial data
Geographical positioning data
Data obtained from hardware devices

Generally, a mobile client is the continuation of an existing proven online service or a corporate business application. It is aimed at adding value by improving user experience and availability options. The objectives are clear ― to create a competitive advantage for an e business web application or increase field operations’ efficiency for an enterprise mobility solution.
To succeed in this model the developer has to be very agile in understanding business priorities and logic and, from the technology perspective, experienced in application integration and data interchange

Fast-moving mobile Technosoft offer new opportunities and inspire innovative thinking. As opposed to the other model, here the main business value is delivered by the mobile solution itself, while a web service operating in the background is almost invisible to the user.
This actually means that the idea of a mobile app comes first but the implementation requires efforts not just to develop the mobile app but rather to design a seamless end-to-end solution that would include custom web service development, third-party software integration and innovative engineering.

Here at Enrichwebsolutions we offer two types of services for those who look for fast and cost-effective presentation on mobile devices. Designing and optimizing websites for mobile browsing Mobile HTML5 applications with native-like user experience Our customers always benefit from Enrichwebsolutions's advanced web development experience.